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Ji Ning Shengtai Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the "Oriental Holy City" --- the hometown of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong. Adjacent to State Road 104, north-east, 327 State Road, east of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail stop in Qufu, the transportation is very convenient.

We are a professional committed to the connector design, production and sales in one of the manufacturers. Shengtai Electric has been widely recognized by customers and trust, many of our products have reached the relevant industry standards, strict implementation of China National Standard GB / T11918, GB / T11919, identical with IEC60309-1, -2 international standards.

Shengtai Electric's overall product line is divided into three series.

The first series: The following products are 1000V, 16A-125A industrial plugs, sockets and couplers, standard socket combination of me, non-standard power supply box. Products widely used in the plant configuration, mechanical equipment, construction sites, chemical, medical, ports, airports and water supply and drainage works.

Second series: LED products are waterproof connectors, current from 5A-30A, the number of stitches from two cores to 12 cores, the degree of protection IP44-IP68, widely used in LED lighting connector, LED display connection, city lighting engineering , good for outdoor waterproof connector.

Third series: Product is charging automotive connectors, current from 16A-250A, voltage AC 220V, DC voltage from the 24V-750V, needles from the core 3, 5-pin, 7-pin and 9-pin, by the degree of protection IP44-IP68 , widely used in electric sightseeing cars, electric police car, electric flatbed, electric forklifts, electric ATV and electric cars.

Companies adhering to people-oriented, quality first, price is reasonable, open competition, the development of green business philosophy, and strive to provide a strong green power, in order to jointly achieve sustainable social development and make due contributions.

Welcome to Shengtai electrical connector in the world, where you will experience the Holy positive Thai people, thanksgiving service attractive, affordable, timely delivery is our eternal commitment to you.

Shengtai Electric expect to more customers in more areas and work together!



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