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Industrial plug current and voltage classification

Definition of industrial plug: industrial plug connectors simply means that clients are connected to the connector on one male and one female connector, then plug from each other (coupling) to it

Industrial plug 16A 32A 63A 125A power supply is divided into four.

40V-45V voltage is divided into purple 110V-130v (yellow) 200V-250V (blue) 240V-415V to 500V red green

Number of poles: 3-pole, 4-pole, five poles

Time Zone: 6h, 4h, 9h, 10h, etc.

Degree of protection: IP44, IP54, IP67.

Industrial plug and socket suitable place

1, the injection molding machine / extruder

2, film and television lighting and sound equipment and engineering

3, power generation equipment

4, machinery and equipment: food machinery, welding and other mobile

5, the cabinet industry

6, industrial automation equipment company

7, packaging machines (Shrink Packaging Machine)

8, construction: new plants (plant upgrade), subway

9, power distribution equipment (distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, etc.)

10, air conditioning units

11, lighting

12, transport equipment

13, electronic equipment

14, energy generation (solar, wind, nuclear)

15, parts processing

16, Mobile: special vehicles

17, refrigeration equipment: refrigerated containers (Port Authority), etc.

18, the measuring instrument

19, the machine tool industry


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