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Motor Trend car of new energy development

Motor drive system is one of the core components of new energy vehicles. Motor drive control system is a new energy vehicles vehicle main implementation structure, which determines the driving characteristics of cars with the key performance indicators, which are important components of electric vehicles. Motor drive system is mainly composed of motor, power converter, a controller, a variety of detection sensors and power supply and other components.
Electric vehicle motors are three main forms: asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors and switched reluctance motors. Wherein the asynchronous motors mainly used in electric cars, permanent magnet synchronous motors are used in hybrid vehicles, switched reluctance motor is mainly used in passenger cars. Above three options have their advantages and disadvantages, so the production cost and reliability is more important than the program itself.
And general industrial use different motors, drive motors for automobiles should have a wide speed range, high starting torque, back-up power, high efficiency characteristics, in addition to the requirements of high reliability, high temperature and moisture resistance, simple structure, costs low, easy maintenance, suitable for mass production. Future of electric vehicle drive motor system will be in the permanent magnet, digital and integrated direction.
On a global scale, brush DC motor, general synchronous motor, induction motor and a brush motor magnet commercialization longest history, product constantly upgrading, so far still apply. United States and Europe in recent years, the development of electric vehicles use more AC induction motors, permanent magnet motors use more Japan. Driving motor vehicle industry in China is still small motor industry, manufacturing high threshold motor drive system there are more gaps and shortcomings, it is fortunate that the domestic policy support will accelerate the pace of industrialization.
Three companies will compete for the motor vehicle drive system. According to industry planning new energy vehicles the size of the target is estimated that the motor drive system in 3 - 20 billion industrial scale output value of 30 billion within 5 years. At present, the motor drive system enterprise mainly in the following three categories: traditional vehicle and parts production experience in the enterprise, on behalf of the Wanxiang Group, SAIC, FAW Group, the Second Automobile Group, Shenzhen Wuzhou Long, Yuchai Group, China South trucks; have other areas of electrical production experience in the enterprise, on behalf of the ocean motor, Jiang motor, spinning RLT etc; specifically for electric vehicles established motor business representatives to Beijing Jin electric, Shanghai electric drive, Shanghai Grand County automation Wait.
We judge with future vehicle drive motor system cake gradually increased, three companies are expected to play their respective strengths, win-win cooperation. The extent of the new energy vehicle applications, the electric motor buses supporting enterprises will be the first to benefit, a pioneer in the field of market position has been relatively stable. In the long run, the biggest cake is still supporting the private car, but its industrial policy needs to be greater efforts to support the implementation of subsidies.


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