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Electric vehicle charging station Technical requirements

With the development of electric vehicles and the gradual promotion of industrial and electric vehicle technology, electric vehicle charging station technology requirements reflect a consistent trend, requiring less charging stations closer to the target as possible.

1, the charging of fast

Good prospects for development compared to nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries, the traditional lead-acid type battery with its mature technology, low cost, large capacity battery, follow the load output characteristics of a good and no memory effect, etc., but there are also more than low energy, short driving range on a single charge of the issue. Therefore, in the present battery can not provide more direct driving range, if the battery charge can be realized fast, in a sense would resolve the short driving range of electric vehicles this fatal weakness.

2, universal charging

In many types of batteries, the coexistence of a variety of voltage levels of the market context, the charging device used in public places must have the ability to adapt to various types of battery systems and adapt to various voltage levels, namely the charging system needs to have extensive charging, with charging control algorithm multiple types of batteries, battery systems can be used with different types of electric vehicles on the realization of charging characteristics matching can be performed for different battery charging.

3, intelligent charging

One of the most critical issues constraining the development and popularization of electric vehicles is the level of performance and application of energy storage battery. Intelligent battery charging method optimization goal is to achieve non-destructive battery charging, monitoring the battery discharge state, to avoid over-discharge phenomenon, so as to prolong battery life and save energy. Charging intelligent application of technology development in the following areas:

● optimized intelligent charging technology and charging, charging stations;

● The battery is calculated, guidance and intelligent management;

● Battery automatic fault diagnosis and maintenance technology.

4, high efficiency power conversion

Energy consumption indicators of electric vehicles is closely related to its running energy costs. Reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles, improve its economy, it is one of the key factors driving the electric vehicle industry. For the charging station, the power conversion efficiency and construction cost considerations, priority should be given with a high power conversion efficiency, and low cost advantages of the construction of the charging device.

5, the charge integration

In the sub-compact and multi-functional requirements, and improve battery reliability and stability requirements, charging system and electric vehicles will integrate energy management system as a whole, integrated pass transistor, current sense and reverse-discharge protection no external components to achieve smaller, more integrated charging solutions, so as to save the rest of the vehicle electric arrangement space and greatly reduce system cost, and to optimize the charging effect, prolonging battery life.


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